About me

Hi! I’m Hamad AlQassar

Welcome! I’m a 26-year-old tech enthusiast from Kuwait, dedicated to using coding to enhance accessibility.
I specialize in Python and WordPress, and as a blind developer, I’m committed to creating tech solutions that are accessible to all.

My Certifications

I hold the title of “NVDA Certified Expert,” a certification I officially earned on the 20th of March, 2024.
This certifies my expertise in using and teaching NVDA, an essential tool for technology accessibility.

NVDA Certified Expert logo featuring a stylized sun motif in orange and turquoise, with 'NVDA Certified Expert 2022' displayed around it in complementary colors.

If you’d like to see my NVDA certification in detail, you can download the full certificate.
It serves as formal recognition of my skills and knowledge as an NVDA expert.

Description of the certificate: This certificate is a formal document confirming that I, Hamad Al-Qassar, have fulfilled all requirements to be recognized as an NVDA Certified Expert as of the 20th of March, 2024.
It’s signed by Quentin Christensen, Training & Support Manager.

Download My NVDA Expert Certificate (PDF)

Python Programming Achievement

In addition to my NVDA expertise, I have been acknowledged by Cisco for my proficiency in Python.
On November 19, 2022, I was awarded the Python Essentials 1 badge through Cisco’s collaboration with the OpenEDG Python Institute.

This badge signifies that I have a solid understanding of computer programming concepts, Python syntax and semantics, and the ability to solve programming problems using the Python Standard Library.

Connect With Me

I love to connect with people who are as excited about accessibility and technology as I am.
While I’m not on Twitter, you can still reach out to me on Telegram.

About My Work

Since 2015, I’ve been immersed in WordPress development and Python programming, striving to make technology more inclusive and accessible.

Check Out My Projects

Curious about my coding adventures? You can find my projects on GitHub at https://github.com/hmdqr/.

Contact Me

Got an idea or want to team up? Email me at webmaster@hmdqr.me.
I’m open to discussing new projects and collaborations.