change log

If you lost the 3dyw.exe (The executable file) , or you need to update it, you can download it from this link below:
download 3dyw patch

New in version 1.1.12. Last update in Saturday, April 17, 2021

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Added the ambiences again, it might contain bugs.

Thursday 28 October 2021

-Removed the ambiences.
Added new sounds and musics, thanks marry.
+You can now enable and disable the welcome sound after you logged in from the settings menu.
Bike fixes.
-Players system is now completely serverside.

Saturday 09 October 2021

*Changed the zones design.

Wednesday 06 October 2021

+general fixes around the client, and if you missing the sounds.dat, the game will download it for you, haha, finally something we can download it from 3dyw?
+new musics from 95 to 102.
*general bike fixes.

Sunday 26 September 2021

i am so sorry about this messy update, but i got problems, and i should update the client/server as fast as i can.
*Fixed the server menu from the runtime errors.
+Makes the server to open websites from your favourite browser. This feature will helps us to open the web pages for you to do some actions in the future.
-Requested (Moves the wall sounds away from the tile sounds)
Recoded nojump, nocamera, nomfwc, and nocoords, you should add minx maxX etc, to avoid them in some areas. Keep in your mind, if you keep it empty you the feature will be active on whole the map.
+Adds bike.
+Hold Alt key, and Press Backspace to paste the mapdata from your clipboard, holding shift with these keys, will copy the map data to your clipboard.
*Fixed that menu issues that wile updating the server, or if you lost the connection, etc. You will stuck in a menu and you can’t close the game anymore.
+Adds big automovers.
+Adds conveyor belt.
+New musics. And modified the music34.

New in version 1.1.11. Last update in Friday, January 29, 2021

This update released so fast to fix some issues in the menu system, sorry about any bugs in the new features…
+Adds random src… This feature will keep playing a sound after a time you will set it in your mapdata. Use it like that: rsrc minx maxx miny maxy minz maxz filename random1 random2 time volume pitch.
+You can spawn the door again with the same parameters to the next doorside. So you don’t need to repeate the door building again and again.
+Adds speak after milliseconds, this feature will keep speak a text after a time you will set it in your mapdata. Use it like that: speak_time minx maxx miny maxy minz maxz time text.
+new music, music48.
*Fixed the account creation system.
+If your map contain the y 0, you will no longer see the y 0 while checking the coordinates with c key, but you should move with 3d system, this small feature will make the exploring more easy.
+The input boxes will support the word navigations, hold the left or the right control and use the left and right arrows. Thanks tunmi13.
*Fixed a bug that you can move above the maximum z in your map. Thanks sara.
*Fixed the jaws interrupting. Thanks silak.