How to Test Your Internet Speed with Python and speedtest-cli

As a Python user, I’m always looking for ways to streamline my workflow and make things easier.
That’s why I was so excited to discover the “speedtest-cli” library while chatting with ChatGPT about fixing my wifi adapter.
This command-line tool has made testing my internet connection faster and more convenient than ever.

If you’re a Python user and want to test your internet speed, you can install the “speedtest-cli” library with pip:

pip install speedtest-cli

Once you have the library installed, you can run a speed test with this command:


The tool will retrieve the configuration and server list, select the best server based on ping, and perform a speed test to measure your download and upload speeds.
You’ll get an output in your terminal window or command prompt that includes your speeds and other metrics.

The “speedtest-cli” library is a popular tool for testing internet speeds with Python, and it’s maintained on GitHub by the developer sivel.
You can find the official repository at, where you can contribute to the project, report bugs, and get more information about the tool.

Using the “speedtest-cli” library is a quick and easy way to test your internet speed and measure your network performance.
I’m so glad that ChatGPT introduced me to this tool, and I hope you find it helpful too!

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